Our Unique Philosophy

When asked what his mission statement is, Dr. Salituro simply replies, “I work very hard for my patients”. Dr. Salituro grew his practice by responding to the needs of his patients and being available regularly for emergencies, providing late evening hours when necessary, and working weekends. When asked how he maintains his strong work ethic for decades he replies, “I consider every patient of mine my “boss”. Since I now work for thousands of bosses it’s like running a marathon. It takes training, but once you’re in the groove you can keep up the pace.”

When asking his wife what she thinks about Dr. Salituro’s long work hours she replies, “It’s not as bad as it seems. He gets upset knowing a patient is in pain and I’m certainly not going to stop him from relieving someone’s pain. I do remember one time he had an emergency on a Valentine’s day night that he had to respond to at the office. It was a very scared little 8 year old boy who broke his tooth and was not only frightened, but in pain. How could I get angry with him (Dr. Salituro) for wanting to help a child who was in pain? Everything turned out fine and we wound up having macaroni & cheese for dinner.”

Regarding Dr. Salituro’s staff, he surrounds himself with employees that he calls W.I.T. employees (WIT means to do whatever it takes for patient care.) They strive to educate patients in every aspect of the dental care, continually provided gentle care, flexible scheduling, know their patients well and provide friendly assistance that is ongoing. As an added customer service feature, they regularly help patients prequalify with their dental insurance provider and help with all insurance needs at no additional cost.

As a team, the Doctors and staff strive to make all aspects of your dental care enjoyable while you receive the highest quality treatments to make you smile. The entire staff is dedicated to customer service and offers flexible hours so you don’t have to worry about working around their schedule. Dr. Salituro’s practice is privately owned which results in long-time established rapports between the staff and the patients spanning generations.

Fostering long-lasting relationships within their community, providing excellent dental care in a gentle manner, and providing a friendly setting is of the utmost importance to Dr. Salituro & Associates.

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